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Despite the Red Sea of Cryptocurrency Prices, Fundstrat Predicts $36k for BTC

May 11th, 2018 – The last 24-hours have not been very welcoming for crypto-traders, except for those that wanted an opportunity to step in, as the digital assets prices against the US Dollar have been dropping furiously on double digits. Source: coinmarketcap For those new to the market, do not be alarmed. The red-situation that is going on happened on many occasions as its a very dramatic trade to bet on. However, looking for the long term, there are many that believe strongly on a well cemented future for […]

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Sentiment Analysis Is the Best Trading Tool You’re Not Using

Every good trader knows their TA from their FA, and can appreciate the effect that fundamental and technical analysis have on market movements. But what about SA? Sentiment analysis, which involves making decisions based on the emotions of other traders, is arguably just as important, especially in the cryptocurrency market, where a herd mentality prevails. Also read: South Korea’s Largest Crypto Exchange Upbit Under Investigation for Fraud Other People’s Feelings Matter “Don’t trade on your emotions” is one of the first rules a trader learns, because making yourself […]

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China Takes Another Step Forward in Promoting Blockchain Innovation

The China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in Beijing announced its first monthly Global Public Chain Assessment Index at a recent conference. The platform is designed to offer detailed reviews of global blockchain projects by renowned experts in academia, industry and government bodies. Previously, the CCID had established the Blockchain Research Institute and the China Ecological Blockchain Alliance, which are assigned to strengthen industry, policy research and blockchain technology. The organizations also provide software research and testing to […]

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How to find out what outlets go w/ what fuse. QUICK and EASY! By Adib, The Texas Miner

Find the tool I used at your local Homedepot or Lowes. Always know what outlets are on what fuse. Over loading a fuse can be very dangerous. 1. Follow us on Twitter: @heytaizen @leoncfu @texas_miner 2. Subscribe To Our Newsletter at: Newsletter 3. Get your copy of the Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ at: Cryptocurrency Investing Blueprint™ (Version 1.0) 4. Attend the next Cryptocurrency Investing Bootcamp™ at: Powered by WPeMatico

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Bitcoin Moons to $36,000 by End of 2019 According to Fundstrat

Fundstrat Global, a favorite research firm in the cryptosphere with Wall Street-street cred, is once again providing eye-popping bitcoin (BTC) predictions. This time analysis depends largely on what’s known as the mining economy. Hash power and hardware advancement all combine to show a possible $36,000 BTC price by the end of next year, they claim. Also read: JP Morgan Chase Eats Humble Pie, Applies for Blockchain Patent Fundstrat Continues Moon Price Predictions Fundstrat’s head of data research, Sam Doctor, explained, “The release of the next generation of […]

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bears Take Bulls to Task with New Low

In a surprisingly aggressive move, bitcoin dropped $800 dollars in a few short hours. The move seemed to cripple many of the most bullish markets leaving some altcoins seeing 30–40% drops before finding any local bottoms. Last night’s move marked the first new low since the trading range (TR) formed 3 weeks ago: Figure 1: BTC-USD, 2-HR Candles, Potential Distribution Trading Range Until last night’s drop, the current trading range had many hallmarks of a reaccumulation trading range (a continuation pattern) that gave many bulls confidence in […]

More info Store Adds More Hot New Items and Amazon Gift Cards

Last month we re-opened our Store after some construction and a bit of hiatus. After a month of operation we’ve added even more to the store with hardware wallets, new t-shirts, Cryptomatic watches, and now we’re even selling Amazon gift cards. Also Read: Trading Cryptocurrencies Like a Boss Takes Time and Research Crypto-Infused Products for Both Veterans and Noobs If you are tired of hodling your cryptocurrencies and want to spend bitcoin cash on some cool swag, then the Store is the place for you. Over […]

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How Japan Is Creating a Template for Cryptocurrency Regulation

Some countries in Asia are feeling the pain of inadequate cryptocurrency regulation, while others, like India, China and South Korea, have taken an uncertain or hostile stance to cryptocurrency. In contrast, Japan is building a clear framework for how virtual currency exchanges, and soon initial coin offerings (ICOs), should operate there. In doing so, Japan is becoming a hotspot for virtual currency exchanges that can afford to comply with its strict rules, while also creating a regulatory template for the rest of Asia to follow.   Japan has […]

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This week in Bitcoin- 5-11-2018- Trace Mayer, Lorien Gamaroff, BTC Benny, Upbit FUD

Trace Mayer makes his This Week in Bitcoin debut! Lorien Gamaroff joins us all the way from South Africa and BTC Benny drops in from Calgary. How strong are their hands? Unique cryptocurrency ideas will be flying all around. Lorien- Trace- BTC Benny- Upbit FUD- Seattle Meetup on FRIDAY at 5PM- 10% MEISTER discount code- Vancouver soon- Thursday’s show- Wednesday’s show- Tuesday’s show- Monday’s show- Sunday’s show- Saturday’s Beyond BItcoin Show- WCN Podcast- […]

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Crypto Audioblog #22, w/Andy Hoffman – Will the Mt Gox Trustee be the Biggest Bitcoin Story of 2018?

In today’s Crypto Audioblog, Andy Hoffman of and the World Crypto Network discusses the latest Mt. Gox Trustee-induced Bitcoin sell-off…and how it may not only be the biggest BEAR story of 2018; but ultimately, the biggest BULL story, too! Powered by WPeMatico

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